Why Us?

Your Comfort is Our Passion

Our focus is on your comfort. We help each of our patients achieve optimal oral health – and we believe this is best accomplished in a calm and relaxing dental office environment. Our patient­ focused approach to dentistry and our commitment to helping you make smart, informed decisions about your oral health are just the beginning. At Dental Essence, we care about your well­-being and your smile – and our friendly and compassionate team will make sure we exceed your expectations!

Say Goodbye to Dental Anxiety with Oraspa

Dental Essence is the only practice in the city of Delaware, Ohio to offer this unique, natural relaxation system. Patients who have experienced the Oraspa difference never want their appointments any other way. Offered as a complimentary service to our patients, it helps eliminate any dental apprehension or fear you might have. So, sit back, relax and say goodbye to your dental anxiety with Oraspa. Schedule your Oraspa appointment today!

“Dental Essence caters to everyone in the community. We offer Oraspa at no charge to all of our patients because it eliminates dental anxiety and promotes relaxation. We welcome anyone who wishes to experience a pleasant and comfortable dental visit to schedule an appointment. You won’t be disappointed and you will benefit from a unique technique that promotes a calm and soothing experience.” – Dr. Paul Kim